The Social Justice Foundation

The Social Justice Foundation (TSJF) is a nonprofit 501 [c} 3 public benefit organization that strives to not just inform, but also to promote meaningful public dialogue by widely disseminating, in clear and concise language, the latest and most relevant scientific research in the areas of economic, educational, environmental, and social justice.

Founded in 2007, by Sara Miller McCune, TSJF publishes Pacific Standard – a national magazine fiercely committed to providing millions of readers with the most useful information in resolving social and environmental justice issues and forming public policy.

With newsrooms in Santa Barbara, California and Washington, DC, we provide journalists with the tools, resources, and platform they need to publish stories that, by virtue of their ideas and craft, are capable of creating a better and more just society.


Geane de Lima, Executive Director

Rachel Knotts, Business Manager


The Social Justice Foundation
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.