Since 2008, contributions made to TSJF are exclusively used to provide journalists with the tools, resources, and platforms to do critical independent reporting of stories that matter. Our newsroom is committed to providing the world with science-based, reliable, forward-thinking solutions to achieve equitable proposals for current- and future-public policy in the chief areas:

Environmental Justice

Climate Change

Equal Rights
Social Justice
Scientific Study
Public Education
Critical Thinking & Analysis

Human Conflict

Public Policy
Global Migration
Economic Disparity


Pacific Standard and The Social Justice Foundation offer a one-year paid editorial fellowship and a one-year paid engagement fellowship on a rolling basis, typically starting in July. Applications open—and positions are filled—depending on the organization’s needs. Several previous fellows are now full-time Pacific Standard staff; others are in editorial positions at OutsideThe Hollywood ReporterThe Atlantic, and a variety of other publications, both in print and online.

The ideal Pacific Standard editorial fellow is pursuing public interest journalism as a career, has experience working in a deadline-oriented environment, and has an abiding interest in public policy and social justice, as well as an understanding that research and investigative reporting are vital to finding solutions for society’s most significant and pressing problems.

To apply, please visit PSmag.com/fellowship


In the past, Pacific Standard has worked alongside a number of non-profit and academic groups on everything from content-sharing partnerships, syndication and distribution, and other editorial efforts; events, discussions, and symposiums both large and small; and brand promotion efforts.

We currently offer three different types of partnerships: Editorial, Academic, and Events.

  • Editorial: Editorial partnerships are reserved for other journalism organizations. We work with our editorial partners on sharing staff resources to produce stories that matter, to share content, and to cross-promote on our various social media channels.
  • Academic: Academic partnerships are reserved for research groups at elite universities. We give academics an editorial platform in exchange for content from researchers at the top of their fields and/or access to prominent subjects or unpublished research.
  • Events: Event—or media—sponsorships are exchanges of audience and branding awareness for access to story reprints, staff/expert panelists, and/or advertising. This is the only partnership open to advocacy organizations.

Organizations looking to bring on Pacific Standard as a media partner should contact info@tsjf.org

The Social Justice Foundation
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.